Frequently asked questions

Question - Will Shaolin Martial Arts benefit my child's behaviour?

Answer - Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

Children who practice Martial Arts consistently become self-confident, self-motivated and humble at the same time. Balance, co-ordination, patience, flexibility and posture are all benefits of martial art training and exercise.

The breathing exercises and mediation exercises benefit children in many ways including strengthening the lungs, heart and other organs as well as calming the mind improving their concentration and focus. These benefits can often be reflected in increased concentration during school work for instance, improving general behaviour and self-control.

Question - Doesn't Martial Arts encourage more violence?

Answer - Chinese Martial Arts are different to what is often portrayed in kung fu films. Chinese Martial Arts is about developing a student's health, their self discipline and to respect everyone, young and old alike.

Chinese Martial Arts doesn't encourage violence instead the training improves a student's awareness of his / her surroundings so they can avoid potential dangers and conflicts. The improvement in their physical health will help them to out manoeuvre an opponent(s) and to protect them physically if they are hit or attacked. The training provides valuable experience and insight to help the students deal with a confrontation and how to avoid violence and protect themselves from injury.

Question - Is Wuzuquan an effective martial art for self-defence?

Answer - Shaolin Five Ancestors is a Martial Art which relies not merely on physical strength, but on precise and well-defined movements which are only fully effective when executed in a relaxed and efficient manner.

These techniques enable students to out manoeuver and subdue an opponent or assailant who may be physically stronger or larger in stature. This makes Wuzuquan a very practical form of self defence for both men, women and children. If physical strength was the key to mastering martial arts we would advise you go to a gym and lift weights.