Wuzuquan Meeting 15th of October 2023

At the recent meeting on the 15th of October 2023 which was attended by 17 people, we were pleased to welcome fellow students from the UK, Ireland, USA, Norway & Denmark. The following announcement can be made...

During the meeting it was communicated that Chief Instructors, Richard & Nigel have been asked by GM Han to find a common, agreed, and enthusiastic way forward for his Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan club using the structure previously provided by GM Han as a foundation.

We (the club) would like it to be clear that friendly, positive and considerate action will help us all achieve harmony and respect to build a strong and supportive club.

However, for those who do not wish to be part of building the club in GM Han's name and in accordance with his last instructions, we wish them well with their personal endeavours and extend our best wishes to them for the future.

Please remember that Grandmaster Han's written and personal requests and wish was for a united club! We are asking for individuals to submit a response in support of the 'club' by the deadline of 8th November 2023. We have already received some communications of support following the meeting but will need to set a deadline so the next stages of building the club may proceed. Please contact Richard, Nigel, or Andrew H as soon as possible if you wish to give your support so it can be documented.

During the meeting questions that were submitted were addressed and answered as well as providing time for open questions and dialogue.

Amongst the questions and answers during the meeting it was made clear that:

  1. The grading system would be reviewed. Senior instructors (who are teaching classes) will meet and agree the way forward using GM Han's documented grading material as a reference. A Wujiquan syllabus would also follow the same procedure if devised or agreed.

  2. Instructors with clubs will have the freedom to market their clubs in a suitable fashion to suit their area / location. However, the agreed name of our joint club will need to be used with consideration for GM Han, the style, and this group. Obviously, non-members of the club may not use the name!

  3. We (The club) would like to think that members of our new club would want to willingly and proactively represent Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan (Shizu Kim Han). You will need to want to promote our joint club, not work against it!

The new club in GM Han's name, will aspire to create unity amongst all of its members and value in belonging. We will all need to demonstrate respect, honesty, and integrity for each other. The plan is to run a club together!